Exploring the World of Mass Timber

Mass Timber is a revolutionary sustainable construction system that utilizes large-scale prefabricated wood components, offering a range of significant advantages. These components, including walls, floors, columns, and beams, are manufactured with high precision in a controlled environment, ensuring rapid and efficient construction. The strength and density of its components make Mass Timber structures ideal for high-rise buildings.

One of the elements in the Mass Timber product family is Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), a product composed of multiple orthogonal layers of structural wood, bonded with high-performance adhesive. Its versatility allows for a variety of applications, from walls and floors to roofs in multi-story buildings. On the other hand, Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT), made by bonding structural wood sheets in a single direction, offers exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for beams, columns, and linear elements.

Both CLT and GLT have exceptional strength and stability, as well as effective thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Additionally, their sustainable manufacturing process and carbon storage capacity make these materials an environmentally friendly choice for construction.

CLT panels and GLT beams arrive at the construction site ready for installation, reducing construction time and cost. This is thanks to the power and precision of numerical control machines, capable of performing high-quality machining.

In Uruguay, the only Mass Timber plant capable of producing large-scale projects with GLT and CLT is Arboreal, located in Tacuarembó. It also has a Technical Office in Montevideo, staffed by a specialized team of engineers and architects.

Arboreal’s participation in the Mass Timber Conference not only showcased its capability and quality in Mass Timber production but also helped to position the local forestry industry on a global level.

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