About us

Integrated Building Services

→ Sawmill
→ Design
→ Lumber
→ Mass Timber

Arboreal is a vertically integrated company, operating from the sawmill to building design. We specialize in providing wood products and expert custom project design and fabrication for Mass Timber construction.

Bio Economy

Reverse climate change using Biomaterials

Transforming construction practices emphasizes environmental management, innovation, and the adoption of bio-based materials.
By incorporating principles of the
circular economy, we aim to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency, paving the way towards a more sustainable and responsible future in construction.

Our Mission

Acelerating the Transition to Net zero Carbon Emissions

Provide architects, engineers, and developers who require an avant-garde structural solution to materialize their projects. Offering an integrated service with certified sustainability pracitices.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our operation. We operate under FSC certification, ensuring production that minimizes environmental impact. Furthermore, our trees are not only natural ecological habitats but also carbon sinks that effectively sequester CO₂ over time. 

About us


Matías Abergo

President and co-founder

Matías Abergo is Arboreal president and Enkel Group CEO since 2016. He has got more than 16 year experience leading businesses in different fields. Enkel has experienced unique success over the past few years pushing the wood construction in the region.

Mark W. Crandall

Director and co-founder

Mark Crandall was a cofunder of Morgan Stanley commodity trading business in 1984. Later, he was Oil director at Glencore. After that, he founded Trafigura, which as become one of the biggest companies in the market of raw materials with more than USD 100 billion in revenue.

After leaving Trafigura in 2005, Mr. Crandall began investing privately to the development of renewable energy through PostScriptum Ventures.
In 2007, he founded CWP Global, where he is currently president and member of the executive board.

Craig Penfold

General manager

Craig Penfold is a sawmilling specialist with over 25 years’ experience spread across the wood processing sector, forest industry, and wood product sales. He has a unique background of international experience including sawmilling, forestry, and sales positions across Canada, USA, New Zealand, Asia, and South America. Craig is based in our industrial plant in Tacuarembo.

Pablo Freyer

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Pablo Freyer graduated as a public accountant from the Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay (UDELAR). He has an MBA and a masters degree in Corporate Finances from the Universidad Católica del Uruguay (UCUDAL). He participated in the program ´Capstone´ for the betterment of managing skills in the business school INCAE in Costa Rica. He is a professor of the masters degree in finances at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay (UCUDAL).