About us

About us
As a member of the bioeconomy, in Arboreal we aim to provide lumber and renewable construction materials solutions for Uruguay, the region and the globe.

We started as a sawmill and we plan to become regional models in the production of forest-based products. We are focused on betting on the highest quality, we are committed to the ideals of the circular economy and fighting climate change. All activities have been planned with a sustainable approach, based on the development objectives set by the UN.

In 2021, Arboreal arises with the impulse of two projects. The increase in board production capacity and the incorporation of the first Mass Timber plant in Uruguay. In numerical terms, Arboreal will be the first large-scale plant in South America. This plant will energize the northern area of Uruguay. More than 250 employees are directly and indirectly related at some point in our production process. The amounts planned for its investment are estimated at more than 30 million dollars.

In the first stage, we doubled the amount of lumber, increasing the sawmill’s capacity from 125.000 m3/yr to 250.000 m3/yr. In a second stage, the work will focus on the installation of the Mass Timber plant, which seeks to position itself as a totally revolutionary industry for the country and with great regional impact.

The CLT manufactured in Arboreal will have european certifications. This will be destined mainly to the domestic market, where we are  committed to develop this type of construction and turning Uruguay into a model for the regional level. The plant will also have the ability to export panels on a regional and European level.